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Star Your Rope Making On the Right Foot With Jute Yarn Spools

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Wholesale jute yarn for homemade bondage rope for shibari

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Your handmade shibari rope steps-up-the-game signficantly, when you opt for Amatsunawa's wholesale HG-CB Tossa 14/1 jute yarn.

Basic Details

  • Precision-wound jute yarn
  • Dry, unprocessed, single-ply
  • Made without jute batching oil (JBO)

Technical Details

  • Single-ply
  • Dry
  • Unprocessed
  • Wound on 1-inch paper cores

Rope Lengths

Measures: 10" x 11"
Weighs: ~8kg (~17 lbs.)

Total: $85

*Plus Sales Tax, where applicable

At AmatsunawaUSA, we take great pride in producing only the highest-quality BDSM gear for our kinky customers.

All of our natural rope is:

  • Incredibly soft to the touch
  • Your perfect introduction to rope play...or an expansion of it
  • Always 100% safe for you and your partner